Morning Mars,
the Vinyl (180gr)

Full digital album in spatial audio (Dolby Atmos binaural)  is included with the vinyl.

Collateral Nature - Morning Mars Album

The album has ten original tracks of which half are instrumental.  
the download of the album in spatial audio is included with the vinyl.



Scan the QR code to get the album in spatial audio (Dolby Atmos binaural render)
Coaster is included with the vinyl only.

spatial audio
Collateral Nature - Morning Mars Vinyl

Collateral Nature 
Morning Mars

10 original tracks

Mastered at:
Energy Mastering – Milan Italy

Recorded and mixed at:
Machine Jockey studio – Milan Italy

Music Label and Publishing:
Flower of Sound ( P ) ( C )


Morning Mars – 03:49

Tre – 03:10

Sea of clouds – 03:22

Le noire – 02:44

Heap of stars – 04:27


Tyger! Tyger! burning bright – 03:09

Lost music – 02:59

Breathe! Robot – 04:12

Way out – 03:07

Alice Harris – 02:54

Vocal on track 1: Sarah Stride
Vocal on track 3, 5, 9: Majjo
Vocal on track 7: Enza Cannone
Drum and percussions on track 1,2,3,5,9: Andrea Varolo
Drum and percussions on track 4,6,8,10: Davide “Woody” Riva
Keyboards on track 4,6,8: Roberto Renoldi
Electric bass on track 4: Massimo Scoca
Sound design : Claudio Vittori


...the Milanese musician producer and sound designer Claudio Vittori in this first album, tackles environmental issues using a sophisticated sound language with nocturnal tones, between jazz and trip hop references as in a enchanting "Sea of Clouds" that alludes to Portished, While "Breathe! Robot" is among the episodes that cross over into ambient territories.


...A 360-degree experience capable of stimulating all the senses, conveying them in a unique astral-electronic path on the international scene and which defines new creative horizons.

(Deer Waves)

...Once again Milan confirms itself as a hotbed of innovative projects with great potential.

(Impatto Sonoro)

...A remarkable elegance for a sumptuous work, refined but affable, impeccable, elegant but never snobbish or opinionated.

(Dance like Shaquille O’Neil)

..Collateral Nature  represents a reality ready to jump off the peninsula.