Collateral Nature’s debut album, from liquid jazz to immersive experiences.

Collateral Nature - Morning Mars

The digital version of Morning Mars will be available from all streaming platforms on June 3rd.
( stereo and spatial audio )

(Mucchio Selvaggio)

…Collateral Nature is candidate to be one of the surprises of recent years.


…A 360-degree experience capable of stimulating all the senses, conveying them in a unique astral-electronic path on the international scene and which defines new creative horizons.

(Deer Waves)

…Once again Milan confirms itself as a hotbed of innovative projects with great potential.

(Impatto Sonoro)

…A remarkable elegance for a sumptuous work, refined but affable, impeccable, elegant but never snobbish or opinionated.

(Dance like Shaquille O’Neil)

..Collateral Nature  represents a reality ready to jump off the peninsula.

(Tsinoshi bar)

…If we were you we would not miss this debut that tastes of a great adventure.

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