collateral nature
collateral nature
collateral nature

Morning Mars opens the dance with a fascinating approach to enjoy music.
The music itself describes itself from liquid jazz to immersive experiences. It has 5 instrumental tracks and 5 tracks with lyrics that addresses the state of our earth.

The project Collateral Nature points out how nature almost seems to become collateral and underlines this that most of the music within the project is also collateral.
Claudio Vittori the sound & technology artist behind Collateral Nature was a sound designer and used his collateral compositions as a basis to not produce more waste.

The new album is enriched with immersive contents (webgl game, Vr clip, NFT’s and produced in Stereo, binaural and Dolby Atmos).

Morning Mars places Collateral Nature as one of the first Italian projects to interact organically with the new digital world.

To add extra depth to the title track Morning Mars an immersive experience with 3D graphic animation in Virtual Reality (VR) was created.