Claudio Vittori sound artist

Claudio Vittori A.K.A. Collateral Nature is an awarded immersive sound artist.
In the past 12 months he has been selected by the european music tech accelerator  JUMP EU and Music Tech Academy Europe. He has received a special mention by the think thank Music Ally to be one of the most music tech mind to watch.

Now he is back with a debut album that is enriched with immersive experiences.


“Do you really want to see dead bees? ”
The name of the album Morning Mars gives a clear idea of the environmental message of Collateral Nature. Vittori wanted to create awareness of the environmental impact caused by man, which leads to ask ourselves questions on
how to return to our natural state, to be in harmony with nature .


I have always been fascinated by the evolution and the impact that technology has on the world of the arts.
Since 2014 I have started to deepen the understanding of spatialized sound and over time I have extended my research to other immersive disciplines such as virtual reality, augmented reality and biofeedback.
These years of research and practice have consolidated and amplified the direction I have taken, bringing the musical message of Collateral Nature on this fascinating journey.

Collateral Nature Morning Mars is the first release of the new Label / Wellness tech Flower of Sound.